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   Trauma Response Yoga

Welcome to Trauma Response Yoga. An online and in-person space to support the untangling of trauma stored in the body, find a sense of groundedness, and tap back into the self.

What Is trauma Response Yoga?


Child's Pose

For those living with anxiety, addiction, Eds, or past trauma, T.R.Yoga provides a safe, secure, and predictable environment. This includes optional self-regulation techniques, invitational cueing, and gentle reminders to practice non-judgment. The potential here is to learn new tools, via the 8 limbs of yoga and a cache of neurological knowledge, to add to your mental wellness toolbox, increase body awareness in a safe controlled way, as well as, address nervous system dysregulation, dissociation, and feelings of disconnection from the body or surroundings. Think of it as a "side salad" to talk therapy or CBT and a "choose your own adventure" on the mat. 

What To Expect

Trauma Response Class

Participants will be guided through gentle traditional asanas (poses), vinyasa flows (moving from one pose to the next syncing with the breath), a basic understanding and benefits of a pranayama (breath work) practice, and weaving in the deeper philosophies of a yoga practice and the neurological benefits of said practices. Though the emphasis in these classes is not so much on the appearance of the individual shapes taken, but rather on the internal experience of the participant, the pratyahara (the drawing in or absorbing what were are focusing on). Encouragement is offered to clients, new and seasoned, to focus on the sensations felt in the body to inform their choice-making and potentially help restore their connection of mind and body.

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Meet Your Yogi

Welcome! I'm Marci MichelleI have always been a nurturer, process-oriented, a constant pupil, and ceaselessly in the pursuit of "Why". It has led me to become a 200-hour certified traditional Hatha Yoga provider, a 300-hour certified Yoga Psychology Trauma-Informed facilitator, a certified Peer Support Professional, and a former nationally licensed massage therapist. This path has paved the way to geeking out and deep-diving into the neurology of trauma and how the 5000-year-old science and philosophy of Yoga can be utilized as an accompaniment to CBT and traditional talk therapy. I launched T.R.Yoga in 2020 so I could create space for those of us, with past trauma and anxiety, to explore these philosophies and possibly build some resiliency in our mind/body connections.

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At T.R.Yoga, I want to emphasize that I am not a medical provider and do not offer medical, health care, or nutritional therapy services. I am simply a yoga provider who is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga. Therefore, anything offered on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional issue, disease, or condition. I merely offer tools to explore and the science behind it. Please consult your personal medical advisor or doctor before beginning any yoga or exercise program.

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